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healthy familiesCommunicating healthy eating habits to our children and teenagers is important. “Healthy” is an excellent start. We must educate our youth about the importance of balanced macronutrients. Properly balanced amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats, along with the appropriate level of water intake are very essential components of healthy nutrition. Our goal is to promote, “Healthy Habits for Lifestyle and Longevity” (H2L2).


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My name is Jeanne Montana. I have been in the fitness industry and weight loss consultation industry for over 20 years. Simply put, I love helping people transform their lives through an improved self-image. I have helped thousands of people get fit and change their dietary eating regimens to lose weight and experience physical and emotional transformations.

My background includes over 20 years experience within the fitness industry. In addition to my group exercise and personal training certifications, I am a certified sports nutrition specialist. In my years of fitness instruction, clients have always searched for the right weight loss solution to balance their exercise programs. This took me to the most exciting chapter in my career. I have spent five years as the sole owner of a weight loss management business where I have helped people achieve and sustain aggressive, life changing weight loss goals through a medically approved weight loss protocol.

In my weight loss consultation business, the opportunity I uncovered was the need for an affordable, healthy product line for people to incorporate in their daily weight loss and weight maintenance regimens. Products to use for every day as a “go to” staple they can easily and affordably stock on their kitchen shelves, at the office or while they travel along with well-balanced meals (VERY IMPORTANT!). So, after extensive research and hands on experience, I launched the Montana product line. The Montana Macro-Balance line provides easy, delicious “go to” products for the entire family that range from shakes and snacks to meals that support a lean protein, low sugar, well-balanced diets.

My goal is to help create healthy and strong initiative for your mind body and soul.

The Montana website will have loads of healthy ideas for everyone! Please follow the Keep it Lean and Green with Jeanne Blog for some healthy tips.

Healthy Habits for a Lifetime of Longevity-H2L2

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jeanne montanaThe guidelines of the Montana Macro-Balance plan educate individuals and families about healthy choices and nutritional options to better their well-being. Montana Macro-Balance is an option "on-the-go."  The ultimate goal is to incorporate wholesome, nutrient dense foods into your daily meal plan. Nutritionally balanced meals starting from breakfast through dinner is a necessity.

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