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al rokerIt's no secret that I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I have documented my weight loss surgery and the battle that continues to this day.

After reaching a high of 340lbs. in 2002, by this past January I was at 185lbs. I felt that I really wanted to get to around 175. Try as I might, I just couldn't break through.

A Chicago buddy of mine had been working with Jeanne and had some great results and I thought, "I need to try something different, something I haven't tried to drop that last ten pounds”.

I'm happy to say I have been working with Jeanne Montana for about two months now and I am proud to say I am between 175-177 lbs.!!

Between using her Ideal method of shutting down my pancreas, and kick starting it with the right foods in a sensible progression has made a big difference.

And by eating with her program in mind, I'm enjoying my life and the way I feel. To be wearing a medium shirt and a size 34 pair of pants is a major milestone. This is the best I've felt and, not inconsequentially, the best I've felt in my adult life.

Jeanne becomes involved in your lifestyle, eating habits and helps you every step of the way. Perhaps I would have achieved my goal without Jeanne, but it would've been a lot harder.

And most importantly, I am maintaining the success I've achieved. People talk about an "ideal world". Thanks to Jeanne and her Ideal and Montana concepts and products, I'm living an Ideal world...and I'm in a Montana state of mind.

All the best,

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jeanne montanaThe guidelines of the Montana Macro-Balance plan educate individuals and families about healthy choices and nutritional options to better their well-being. Montana Macro-Balance is an option "on-the-go."  The ultimate goal is to incorporate wholesome, nutrient dense foods into your daily meal plan. Nutritionally balanced meals starting from breakfast through dinner is a necessity.

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