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Healthy House Hints: Family Room

The Family Room often contains a TV that is viewed by all family members. Since TV is generally a sedentary activity, it would not necessarily fit in with activity goals for healthy family life.  However, it is a reality in most homes, so unless you plan on banning or limiting viewing, be creative in getting your family of viewers moving while they are enjoying their beloved pastime.

Create a Get-Fit-Kit

Pull workout gear out of the closet or other tucked-away places, and keep it in a basket by your couch or TV. If it is visible and within reach, you and your family members are more likely to work out with it.  Some secret weapons to stash in plain sight:

  • Resistance bands
  • Dumbbells
  • A yoga mat and blocks
  • A jump rope
  • A bosu or step

Even video games can get you out of your seat

If your TV viewers are still not showing much interest in moving, make the movement part of the viewing.  There are several active games available on WII and other gaming systems that get you moving while you are still staring at the screen. WII has several dancing games like: Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, or Zumba. These games are both fun and result in a good amount of exercise disguised as a dance-off.

Get creative and make-up your own games

Still can’t get the crowd off the couch? How about playing a game where every time the name of a main character in the viewed show is said, everyone watching has to do a push-up (or 5 crunches or jumping jacks)?  In nice weather, insist that every commercial requires a lap of the back yard before viewing resumes.

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