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When it comes to heart health, we should think not only of our own cardiovascular health but also of that of future generations. If you have children, you naturally want to make sure they grow up fit and healthy. It is not always easy to juggle work, family, and physical activity. Still, setting a healthy example is a good start; research shows that parents who are physically active increase the likelihood that their kids will be active as well. If you are looking for ways to get your kids involved in an active lifestyle, check out these tips…

Plan outdoor activities

Set aside one day per weekend to do something active as a family: swimming in the summer, sledding or snowshoeing in the winter, or biking in the spring and fall. Take along a picnic lunch and fill it with healthy and delicious foods that will keep your family’s energy level constant during the busy, active day.

Take classes together

Check the schedules and class offerings at fitness clubs and community centers in your area for yoga or aerobics classes offered for both parents and children. If your little one is too young to actively participate himself, look for classes that help you burn calories  by incorporating your child into your yoga flow or workout routine. No kids? Check out partner yoga or even doga—yoga for you and your dog. Active dogs are healthier and happier family members, too.

Make chores fun

Instead of relegating each member of the family to separate, independent household tasks, turn chores into a game you can all “play” together. Race to see how fast you can get the house cleaned, and then try to beat your old time the next week. Play music while you are doing laundry, and enlist the kids to sing and dance while they help fold and put clothes away. Take the dog for a walk together, and squeeze in some running, roller-skating, or jump rope while you are at it. Have a dance party while doing the dishes and listening to music. Choose a rotating family fitness leader; parents and kids each take on the role. Each member of the family gets to choose the activity for the night:  planks, push-ups, jumping jacks,or burpies.

Make over your meal plan

This is not quite a fitness tip, but it is worth mentioning; families that have a healthy approach to eating also tend to have other healthy habits, such as regular physical activity. If you want to slim down after having a baby or just want to eat better in general, get your entire family involved. You will be more likely to succeed. Bring kids along to the farmers' market, let them pick their own fruits and vegetables, and involve them in the meal preparation. They are much more likely to enjoy their meals if they take some ownership in choosing and preparing the meals. Don’t deprive your children or yourself of treats, but make sure they are generally healthful and not a frequent excuse for poor food choices. Your children are always watching and learning from you!

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Montana Macro-Balance

Montana Macro-Balance

Jeanne Montana has been in the fitness and weight loss consultation industry for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of people get fit and experience physical and emotional transformations. As a certified sports nutrition specialist and the owner of her own weight loss manager business, Jeanne's goal is to help create healthy and strong initiatives for your body mind and soul.

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  • Carol - Sunday, 31 January 2016

    What a wonderful article! Thank you so much for the tip on creating a family fitness leader each night. We tried this last week and the kids had a blast! What a great way to get the family moving and doing something fun AND healthy together!

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