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Prepare Yourself for Dietary Success

Successful weight loss involves not only losing unwanted pounds but also maintaining your new weight. The key to continued success lies in embracing a lifestyle change. The best foundation is to prepare your body, your mind, and your kitchen for the new lifestyle before you embark on a planned weight loss program.

  • Become a student of nutrition labels. You are about to learn a lot about what your body needs and does not need to be healthy.
  • Clean out your cabinets to limit your vices. Eliminate heavily processed, carbohydrate, fat, and sugar laden foods. No one in your house needs them.
  • Replace your snacks with options like Montana Macro•Balance™ bars, raw nuts or seeds. Try to keep dried fruit to a minimum.
  • Head to the store to buy nutrient dense foods. This starts with lean proteins, like chicken, fish, pork tenderloin or lean beef. Stock up on vegetables low on the glycemic index. These include: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, peppers, and mushrooms. Fresh fruits are a good solution to satisfy an occasional craving for sweetness, but should be eaten in moderation (once or twice per day).
  • Start being mindful about your meals and change old unhealthy patterns.
  • Breakfast: Start your day with a protein rich meal. Montana Macro•Balance™ breakfasts like the oatmeal varieties or cereal are a sound choice.
  • Lunch: Keep it lean and green, with salad, vegetables and a lean protein.
  • Dinner: Stick with 8 oz. of a lean protein and two servings of vegetables.
  • Never skip meals. Skipping leads to overconsumption and poor food choices the next time you do eat when hunger is overwhelming.
  • Always sit down to consume your meal. Don’t be distracted by television or reading. Be mindful of the act of eating.
  • Drink, at least, (8), 8 ounce, glasses (64 oz.) of water per day
  • Avoid pointless fats found in sauces or butter. Learn to oven roast vegetables in small amounts (1-2 TBs) of olive oil with a little sea or Kosher salt.
  • Start evaluating your favorite recipes to see if they can be “lightened” up to be a healthier meal. Some old favorites may not make the journey with you into the healthier lifestyle.

If you begin these preparations one or two weeks before you embark in earnest on a weight loss plan, your transition to your program will be easier. Actually, you will probably find that you will lose some initial weight just with these few relatively painless changes. You will also find that you will have more energy, and your sense of taste will be more acute. You will have taken some simple, yet essential, steps toward your new lifestyle

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Montana Macro-Balance

Montana Macro-Balance

Jeanne Montana has been in the fitness and weight loss consultation industry for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of people get fit and experience physical and emotional transformations. As a certified sports nutrition specialist and the owner of her own weight loss manager business, Jeanne's goal is to help create healthy and strong initiatives for your body mind and soul.

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