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Who doesn’t love freaky fast food? Especially when it can be a part of your diet! Jimmy Johns does a great job of catering to all dietary needs. When ordering a sandwich there go for the no bread option and order an “Unwich” instead (lettuce wrap).


The best two sandwiches to order with the Unwich are…

  • The Turkey Tom- (no mayo)

  • The Big John- (no mayo)

You also have the option to customize a sandwich. In this case get turkey or roast beef and you can add a ton of toppings. Cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onions, poupon Dijon mustard, sprouts, hot cherry peppers, and oregano. Remember no mayo. can order a sandwich with the 9 grain wheat bread, but be sure to only eat half of the bread. Skipping just half of the 9-grain or regular bread significantly cuts the amount of carbs you are consuming with your sandwhich! You'll learn that you won't miss the other half as much as you thought you would.

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